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Everything is in darkness.
My spirit rises with the blue white dawn and the lovely winter sun.
I breathe in the darkness, I breathe out the light.
We are made of light and in light is a reflection of our being and consciousness.
The light of the mind illuminates the universe.
It’s an entangled love affair between heart and the invisible energy of the universe.
I make light sculptures as a luminous gift to the eye celebrating colour, joy and wonder.
All light sources including the sun, moon, neon tubes, and paintings can only radiate or reflect invisible electromagnetic energy. It takes our eyes to turn this invisible light into electrical signals and then the brain to magically interpret the electrical signals into the light we see and create the visual illusion we see and believe as reality.  The light is a combination of the experienced, the memorised and the imagined and with it we illuminate the universe in colour, form, emotion and meaning. We are part of the universe and it’s like the universe looking at its own reflection.
In my neon sculptures I’m expressing the beauty and poetic nature of light.

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