Embodied Space

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Within light, dance and sound, the memorised and the imagined meet to create alternative experiences of the space.

Embodied space is a collaboration with Shallal Arts and musician George BradleyPeer. In a series of Embodied Space performances using improvised dance, music and digital colour we have been exploring the physical and emotional relationship between colour, sound, and movement within architectural space.

It’s been inspiring to work with the Shallal dancers and George as they intuitively respond to the colour space. The colours progress through the visible spectrum from red to purple creating vivid immersive colour fields that change the emotional quality of space. The dancers and musicians articulate these changes in a very visceral way that is moving to experience.

It’s an interactive creative process of finding poetic solutions and resonant luminous forms that express an emotional reality. Each performance illuminates new complexities and revelations about our relationships with colour and space. The performances are still very provisional and unfinished but that’s the place they want to be, in a zone of experiment, mistake and sudden luminous beauty.

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