Outside the Algorithm

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The Desk Landscape and Light Bollards are sculptures inspired by the colours and feelings for the Cornish landscape and influenced by the virtual worlds of computer gaming and the light environments they are played in to create light landscapes of imagination.

For me making light sculpture is an act of imagination and a way of seeing that that is biologically and culturally informed. The colours of granite and gorse, the feeling of the wind and the waves here in Cornwall are the inspiration for my light sculpture. The landscape is physical but what I see and experience is a virtual projection that exists in my mind and I express in luminous form. Computer games create wonderful new virtual worlds that are visual illusions of light, space and form. The influence of these fantasy worlds changes the way reality is experienced and is also reflected back into cultural representations and real architectural environments.

Within the beauty of chaos we create structure and coherence.

‘Outside the Algorithm’ was an exhibition at the Exchange Gallery Penzance 2022

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