Swimming Light

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Swimming Light is set in the 1930s Art Deco Lido swimming pool at Penzance overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It is filmed at Sunset during the golden hour, on the night of a Hunters Moon, when evening light and landscape hit a magical spot of luminous equilibrium. A lone swimmer dives into the darkening water swimming in the glow of the pink sunset and as darkness falls and the full moon rises swims into the reflections of an electric rainbow of light from a neon sculpture installed on the water’s edge. It’s about a beautiful and ambiguous relationship between light and water seen through the prism of swimming, exploring the reflections, and optical distortions of light above and below the ethereal undulating surface of waters and an emotional and universal reality to these optical phenomena.

Swimming Light. A new short film about light and water in collaboration with film maker @loubrett for Jubilee Pool Stories.

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