Logan Stone

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Space is the dimension of emotional experience.

For me there is an experience of space that reflects an inner emotion of freedom and joy, of feeling very small in an infinite and beautiful universe.

I especially experience it in the landscape.

Logan Stone is a sculpture made of a single neon tube describing three intersecting planes of light. It was inspired by balanced granite rock formations in West Cornwall called logan stones. These are massive boulders teetering on the top of granite outcrops at the summit of hills and cliffs. Many have been undercut by the action of rain and wind until they have only minimal contact with the rock below. The logan stones are left seemingly weightless, improbable and precariously balanced.  Some of them you can rock with a push of your hand.

They appear to float between the sky and the landscape and there is a luminous feeling of elation and fragility that I’ve tried to capture in this neon sculpture.

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